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The BioSafe Technologies, Inc Mission:

The BioSafe Technologies, Inc Mission:

To develop and introduce safe and effective non-toxic insecticide alternatives for use by humans and animals.

About BioSafe Technologies, Inc.

BioSafe Technologies, Inc was incorporated in 2000 to further develop, clinically test and create a distribution of nontoxic pesticide formulations for eliminating parasites and other blood sucking insects such as mites and lice affecting humans and animals. The active ingredients were discovered by its founder, Lynn James-Meyer during field testing in Brazil in the early 1990s. The formulations were brought to the US and obtained worldwide patents and further tested for safety and efficiency. All function as cleansers and do not contain poisonous insecticides.

Since 2003 BioSafe based the majority of its business as an exporter supplying overseas distributors. It contracted with several filling facilities in the Dallas, Texas area for bulk packaging of its headlice shampoo in 1000 liter totes. These are exported to various locations in Europe for further private labeling and distribution by several large pharmaceutical companies. Product is sold in Europe and other countries in children’s specialized lines of products.

BioSafe has successfully worked with the US EXIM Bank Export Program to support the growth of the company since 2009. A testament to the success of that partnership was Lynn’s selection as Global Exporter of the Year in 2016 by the Dallas Branch of the Global Chamber where she serves on the Board Advisory Committee. As a woman owned company, she also received various awards for Women in Business in 2017.

Natureza’s Solutions

The BioSafe research team has unveiled a myriad of uses for the specialized ingredient formulations derived from the early discoveries brought from Brazil. Tests in the UK confirmed several active ingredients as GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) and having significant activity against gram positive and gram negative bacteria,

Biosafe formed a sister company, Natureza®, Inc. to continue the research and development of anti microbial, anti inflammatory and antiparasitic formulations affecting endoparasites in humans and animals. This company is managed by several of the Board from BioSafe Technologies®, Inc. The new discoveries have received patents and have patents pending which now are owned and licensed in part from Natureza®, Inc.

Schooltime® Products

In 2018 in the US BioSafe became a partner in a newly formed LLC, Schooltime® Products, a US marketing company, for the sale of its lice line of products in the US under the tradename, Schooltime®. The products are presently sold on Amazon and, independent clinics and pharmacies, and will expand into several large chain stores later in 2020 and early 2021.

BioSafe Technologies®, Inc Team Members


Chairman, CEO, BA



BCom (Unisa), Board Member



MA, ScD, FSB, Chief Science Advisor, Board Member


Steven K Whitesides PhD.

Plant Pathologist Consultant, Board Member


Joe Donnini, Esq.

Corporate Attorney, Board Member


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