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Chairman, CEO, BA



BCom (Unisa), Board Member

  • 16 years as Director of Finance and International Development for Biosafe Technologies, Inc.
  • 9 years as Managing Director of Natureza®, Inc.
  • 2 years CEO Italiana Prodotti Minerali (Genoa -Italy)
  • 24 years represented multinational corporations on international trade issues (primarily Washington DC).


MA, ScD, FSB, Board Member

  • Chief Scientific Advisor
  • MA, Biochemistry,Cambridge
  • PhD Insect Biochemistry
  • ScD based on Selected Research Publications
  • 8 Years Supported by Wellcome Trust
  • 9 years ICI Pharmaceuticals
  • 7 years University of Massachusetts
  • 6 Years Head of Parasitology Department of Central Veterinary Laboratory
  • Senior Research Scientist University of Bristol
  • Author or co-author of 300+ Scientific Publications
GERALD C. COLES MA, PhD, ScD, FSB Chief Scientific Advisor
Steven K Whitesides PhD. , Plant Pathologist, Consultant

Steven K Whitesides PhD.

Plant Pathologist Consultant, Board Member

  • Informal education from family farming business, crops and cows; Formal education shifts with each degree – Animal Science A.S. Agronomy B.S. Plant Pathology Ph.D.
  • 25 years of experience in development of Bio-Pesticides for use in a variety of agricultural crops, post-harvest storage, food sanitation.
  • Served as Study Director on many projects in the USA and at many International locations for successful accumulation of data in support of product efficacy validation and residue analysis for regulatory submissions.
  • Other objectives or research studies include support of market valuation and competitive product positioning.
  • Successfully established and operated laboratory facilities for sample processing and for fermentation of microbial products.
  • Assembled technical teams, provided training, mentored interns, and worked shoulder-to-shoulder with personnel when needed.
  • Due to the technical nature of such facilities, he has considerable experience in development of Standard Operating Procedures and Quality Assurance compliance protocols that have been validated many times by independent audits.
  • Experience in regulatory policies of agencies such as EPA and FDA in the US, and similar International agencies.
  • Worked closely with state agencies in order to remain in compliance with building and utility codes as well as registrations with agricultural, wildlife, and water conservation agencies.

  • Ability to present new technology to audiences such as grower and commodity groups with varying levels of comprehension of about biological and scientific technologies.
  • Given presentations at scientific symposia in the USA and at International meetings along with talks given at industry, government, and grower meetings.

Joe Donnini, Esq.

Corporate Attorney, Board Member

  • Licensed California attorney and real estate broker
  • Developed and managed a business law firm representing domestic and international clients in all aspects of business creation, growth, maintenance, and disputes
  • Developed and managed a retail shopping center law firm concept poised for franchising
  • Served as General Counsel and a business advisor to an international petroleum products company
  • Consulted domestically and internationally in the healthcare business environment
  • Created a family run retail business concept
  • Managed franchise operations and legal affairs in the RE/MAX CA & HI real estate brand, with over 400 offices
  • Ran a large franchisee company with multiple brokerage offices, including mortgage, escrow, marketing and insurance divisions
  • Gained experience in the airline industry with Continental Airlines
  • Established a self-publishing company and authored/edited Real Estate Agents’ Reference Manual
  • Became a Visiting Assistant Professor of Law in the U.S. and in France (Courses: Contracts I and II, Modern Real Estate Transactions, International Intellectual Property, Copyright Law, and Sports Law)
JOE DONNINI, Esq, Attorney - Biosafe Technologies

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