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Natureza® was incorporated in 2009 as a US Texas Private Research and Development company. It presently has 2 anti-infectives in preclinical development. The latest technology has been granted patents worldwide and has multiple patents pending domestically and internationally. Formulations are effective against antibiotic resistant pathogens. Laboratory trials have shown that no resistance has developed in pathogens to these novel agents during long term repeated exposure. This research was an extension of earlier developments from its affiliate company, BioSafe Technologies, Inc. also a US Texas Company incorporated in 2000.

BioSafe Technologies, Inc. developed formulations for pesticide use from natural compounds discovered in South America. The company obtained 24 US and international patents and multiple trademarks and has been manufacturing and exporting a proprietary brand of head lice treatments in the US and via several multinational pharmaceutical companies for over a decade averaging over 5 million bottles of product sold. Business expanded in the US via pharmacy chain stores and internet with Amazon and

A non toxic insect repellent is in final stages of development. Laboratory in vitro bioassays showed the BioSafe repellent formulation provided 100% repellency for over 6 hours to Aedes aegypti and Culex quinquefasciatus over a 6-hr period exceeding protection provided by 15% DEET containing products.

BioSafe sold multiple patents to Natureza®, Inc. at the time of Natureza’s incorporation and contributed a significant investment in the company for further development and testing of its active ingredient formulations to control endoparasites in humans and animals. The BioSafe management team was contracted by Natureza® to assist in the administration procedures and the research activities having Dr. Gerald Coles as a Scientific Advisor. Results from this research in the UK and South America showed activity against endoparasites in addition to the enhancing of the healing of skin wounds, burns and having bacteriostatic properties against gram positive bacteria.

All are effective against antibiotic resistant Gram-negative and positive pathogens in the WHO priority list, with three agents active against Priority 1 critical pathogens. The group of agents together show proven in vitro activity against 12 of the 15 antibiotic resistant bacteria listed by the WHO as causing the highest levels of concern. Laboratory trials have shown that no resistance has developed in pathogens to these novel agents during long term repeated exposure, and that no intrinsic resistance can be detected in target pathogens. The agents have a strong safety profile, with GRAS status in the USA.

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